Helping active older adults achieve the highest level of strength and fitness for the greatest quality of life

Our Services

Fitness Forward Physical Therapy

A fitness forward approach to physical therapy means we minimize pain to maximize fitness. We work with you as a whole person, get the the root cause of the problem, and develop an individualized plan of care to get you back to the activities you love. We do lots of exercise and have a lot of fun!

We are in network with traditional medicare. For all other insurances we offer a superbill for personal reimbursement.

Age Strong Fitness

Fitness classes designed by a physical therapist for adults who want to live active, healthy, and social lives.

Work on improving bone density, strength, balance, coordination, brain and mental health, improve energy, and decrease your risk for chronic disease all while having FUN!

Specialty Programs

Wellness programs for PT graduates who want to maintain their gains and keep their momentum going. Continue to work 1:1 with your PT!

Golf Strong Program identifies swing and movement faults limiting performance in golf. Exercise programs are designed to get you back on the course or just start hitting the ball further than your friends!

Our Mission

At Age Strong our mission is to help our clients optimize their quality of life through exercise.

We bridge the gap between traditional physical therapy and high level fitness programs.

Our therapists are expertly trained to create the most appropriate programs to get YOU back to doing what matters most.

We make REAL changes in our clients' lives and change the trajectory of their aging experience.

Our Services

Physical Therapy (PT)

Fitness forward physical therapy to minimize pain and maximize function

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques to decrease pain and improve mobility

Strength and Conditioning

Appropriately dosed exercise to increase strength and aerobic capacity for life

Golf Assessment

Video and movement assessment performed by a TPI certified therapist to identify weaknesses, imbalances, and mobility deficits effecting your golf swing

Golf Performance

Strength and mobility exercises specific to improving golf swing mechanics to keep you in the game

Post PT Wellness

Post PT graduates can continue to work with their PT after their plan of care to promote optimal health and longevity

Meet Our Team

Our Therapists

Monica Reid, PT, MSPT

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment

Certified in Modern Management of the Older Adult

TPI Medical 2 Certified

Monica is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Bradenton 20 years ago. She has a passion for sports and exercise. She is excited about the future of physical therapy and the progress that has been made over the last 20 years in helping older adults make real and meaningful changes in their lives. She is driven to take this information to every older adult to stave off the negative effects of aging.

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